Wagging Tail-661

Yesterday Dad and Ma and me went for a drive. It was so great to get away from that pain in the neck. She was left with the bro.

While we were out Ma decided to get some pet supplies; food and poop bags. She handles everything for us my Mom the ins and the outs.

While in the pet aisle she cracked and got yet another new retractable leash. This one is meant to retain small ponies.

Anyway when she got it home she took a big decision.

She said to me “you know Scooby that skitter gets all the new things but this is yours”

So I am chuffed. At last I’m getting some of recognition I deserve for my patience and tolerance of the terrorist.

Of course the dark demon was determined she should have it.

I held my ground and you will be delighted to know I won!

Blue for the boy! Mom choose well!


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