Wagging Tail-666

Greetings dear fans it’s your very own Pitty Princess publishing today. Scooby said I had to take this post as the number was most suited to my position in the heavenly hierarchy.

I don’t get it but he says it’s a revelation!

Granny and I are all set for a great day ahead.

We are counting the minutes till the start of a new show.

It’s set in Castle Howard in Yorkshire but is made for NBC USA.

Granny says anything set at the Castle will be class like her all time fav book and series from way back when.

Granny is planning on pretending she is a Princess too.

Of course no pretending is needed on my part.

We are going to oodle the talent. Granny hopes someone looks like Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. This is her current choice.

I kinda like this hunk. You could sink your teeth in him nicely. Plenty of meat!

I’m trying out different looks incase he has a hound dog that I might attract.

Don’t forget to tune in chicks at eight tonight and tell me what you think is my best look.

Love y’all PP

Blessing#1267-Girly Girls

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