Wagging Tail-665

You will not believe this but today in Ohio we are going to get into the 70s. Might even break a record!

Now we are not stupid enough to believe that we’re done with winter just yet but this little taste of what lies ahead sure is sweet.

Ma is already dreaming of soaking in swimming pools.

I’m thinking of a drive up to the lake for a look at the lighthouse.

Sometimes the hope of what lies ahead is almost as good as the real deal.

That’s why spring is so special.

You see the tips of those little daffodils and it just fills your heart with joy.

The warmth of today will speed them on their way and give them a boost too.

In the meantime a good walk this afternoon is guaranteed. I may get a tad hot with my fur still on but won’t say a word. Even the niece won’t annoy me to much today.

Blessing#1266-Warm Up

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