Wagging Tail-668

Well who else could it be but your very own precious and pretty Princess Pitty on this International Women’s Day.

It was imperative that I stood tall to project my position and that I took my pen and put it to paper to share with you all my first annual perspectives on what it takes to be a phenomenal Pitty success.

You need to understand that men are stupid.

You don’t need to listen to a word they say!

You need to face them head on.

You need to be fearless when confronted by their challenges

You need to be faster than they can even imagine

You need to be kind to yourself also

You need to never stop dreaming

Most importantly of all even if people can’t stand you you must love and be kind to them and try to get close especially if they are ancient.

Eventually they will accept you and you can all relax in comfort and bask on the pillow of Pitty success.

There aren’t I just the best Princess in the whole wide world and the smartest too and don’t I deserve a very big celebration! Make that BONES!

Blessing#1269-Wild Women

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