Wagging Tail-669

I’m back. The thing has had enough airspace. Wouldn’t she give you the willies. Vain, outspoken little rascal.

She needs to take a page out of my Moms book. She is so modest and reserved!!!!!!

This morning we woke up at six. Ma has a busy day ahead so even before getting her OJ she jumped in the shower.

I don’t get this human business of washing themselves all the time.

Regardless they do it.

She then starts choosing her clothes. That’s another problem we canines don’t have. With a bod like my Ma’s though it’s best to put them on.

Today she surfaced a rave from the grave.

It’s a rugby shirt she bought years ago at the Titanic center in Belfast.

She had almost forgotten she had it. Somehow this morning it resurfaced and she is all happy because she loves it.

It’s like Antique Roadshow. We were watching one a few days ago that was filmed in Northern Ireland. You can tell because there are so many redheads.

They found a huge diamond on that show.

The rugby shirt is not quite in the same league but it’s given her that feel good start to the day.

Who knows what we’ll find later. I might do a bit of digging myself! Maybe turn up a big rawhide!


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