Wagging Tail-675

Did I ever tell you I’m the luckiest dog in the world. Apart from having to deal with you know who my little life is bliss.

Yesterday it was wonderful.

Ma had a birthday party booked for 12:30. So since it’s her usual closing day she said to me that I could come along as she wasn’t planning to stay after she’d done the dishes.

Well at 10:20 when we’re on the road she gets a call. The birthday girl is sick and so the party has to be postponed.

What to do she asks me.

Let’s beat on up to work Ma I said since we’re almost there anyway

So that’s what we did.

She went in to drop off a few things and do a bit of decorating for Saint Patricks Day.

I sat and snoozed a little in the car as I was sure I was going to get a trot around the graveyard looking for ancestors. You gotta be rested to concentrate on investigation such as that.

When we hit the road she drove right passed the poor President!

Ma I said we must pay our respects Scooby she said he’ll not mind if we don’t stop today; we’ll take the long way home.

So we took the country roads through the little towns and slowly worked our way home.

While we didn’t make a penny we had a lot of good times together and that’s really what life is all about.

Blessing#1276-Changing Plans

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