Wagging Tail-674

There are some things you just couldn’t make up.

Take this morning.

As usual when the clock struck 7:30 we went up to the bro’s room to wake the sleeping princess make that demon!

She wasn’t yapping yet because she hasn’t adjusted to springing forward.

As we were coming back down the stairs we saw the beautiful sunrise and all the tracks of the aircraft coming in and going out of Columbus.

Ma tried to take a pic of what we saw while Mega munched.

It was useless though so she had to go outside to capture it better.

Still it wasn’t great so when we met Auntie Denise we asked her to take a pic too.

Now can you see something very special in this pic, apart from Ma and me and Mega?

Look at that Z

Putin may be painting Z on his armored vehicles for who knows what reason.

We reckon though that the big man upstairs painted this one to show that Z is for Zelenesky and that he’s on his side! Where better to paint the Z but in the SKY!

Blessing#1275-God’s Handiwork

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