Wagging Tail-678

Greeting fans it’s your precious Pitty Princess here with a little philosophy for you.

Granny has been studying a book with her Lily Circle and last night they were talking about Mary and Martha the sisters of Lazarus who was the best mate of Jesus.

They did a quiz and most of the ladies decided they were Martha’s.

I took it too and have come to the opinion that being a Martha is a gals thing. We don’t much care for lazing around like the lads doing nothing but gazing out the window.

We gotta keep busy.

My current project is cleaning.

Since spring is just around the corner I’ve decided to give Granny a hand as our house is very stinky and the men ignore it.

So I’m doing the sofas.

I’m getting into all the nooks and crannies where crumbs accumulate.

Granny is greatly appreciative but Grandpa is growling at me as he loves his old leather.

What do you think don’t I deserve a reward for all these efforts? At least a little word of thanks!Grandpa and Scooby are just old Poohs!


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