Wagging Tail-682

You’ve heard the saying about the importance of getting your ducks in a row? Well Ma and me were working on that yesterday!

Sometimes you’ve got to think ahead.

So even though we are only half way through lent we thought we better get cracking (sorry!) for Easter

We don’t have chick cutters but ducks lay eggs so we thought they were a close approximation.

We made multitudes.

Not sure if ducks have a collective name other than a flock but we’ve made enough to do a few weeks.

We locked up trouble so we wouldn’t have any bad karma around the little lovelies and we made them some nests too!

Nonetheless when we opened the big storage tin to get a few out for Tuesday Morning Group just now we found one had been decapitated.

Most unfortunate for the bird but very tasty. Best medicine a canine could have on another day.


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