Wagging Tail-683

Yesterday was another Goldilocks day and Ma had a few of her favorite customers in so even though she’s meant to be off on Tuesday she went to work and took me along for the ride.

We brought the chicks (aka ducks) along too. A few were decapitated on route before they got on the people’s plates so I got them. Thank you bumps. Yum!

To work them off we did a short graveyard trot as it was very windy.

Now you may wonder what’s such fun in a graveyards well let me tell you there is plenty to see.

Still no Barr’s located but we found someone that must be related in some respects to myself.

I was no sooner home than I had to exercise my vocals herding them off!

Somewhat prophetic that trip!

Blessing#1284-Writings ain Stone

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