Wagging Tail-686

Greetings passionate Pitty public!

Bet you were thinking the Gizz had finally done me in or Granny had left me to play alone amongst the traffic.

Well sorry to disappoint anyone but the Prettiest of Pitty Princesses is very much alive and kicking.

Yesterday morning I was feeling rather hungry after my meager ration had been inhaled.

So I tried to eat a dead mole on the way home from the park.

People kill them around here because they dig up lawns so I was getting in on the act and trying to help.

I couldn’t get the critter crunched though and had to spit it out. Slithery little sucker. Granny didn’t even bother to try wedging it from my jaws. She’s given up and says if I die I die. Full of compassion is Granny.

She was a bit quicker off the mark when I broke a glass a little later trying to suck the last drops of milk from it’s bottom.

I got them but she nearly had a melt down.

She had to piece the bits back together like a jigsaw to make sure I hadn’t swallowed any.

It was one of Grandpa’s favorite whiskey glasses so of course he called me all the names of the day.

It’s not exactly my fault that Ma is drinking milk from a whiskey glass!

I told the Gizz what I had done and he gave me some advice.

For the rest of the day keep the communication brief. No barking!

He also recommended I focus on shredding paper rather than hard goods as they did in his young days.

So I smacked him one on the neck as a thank you and lay low.

Now I’m ready once more for action

Look out Powell Peeps this Pitty is now Poised for a Peak Performance!


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