Wagging Tail-685

Ma and me love to listen to the oldies radio station when we’re coming home from work.

Even if we’ve had trouble with leaks we still sing along for a while and no one hears us. Singing is definitely good for the soul.

Last night we had a good selection of tunes and thought you’d like to see the “country roads that take me home”

We keep our eye on the fields that have now been ploughed for soy and corn.

The winter wheat is getting good and green.

We watch the storms rolling in as we pass Ma and Pa Wilson’s happy barn but we know we’ll be home before it hits when we see the city of Delaware.

After that we’ve just to follow the winding Olentangy River and we’re safe and sound.

We might trace the same path nearly everyday but it’s always good because we’re doing it together.


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