Wagging Tail-692

Every Friday my Ma tries to find a funny.

Today she had to find one for the business too as it’s April 1st.

Do you play along with this tradition?

In the French speaking world they call it « Poisson D’Avril » (April Fish!).

There’s lots of theories on where this all originated but it goes way back. Some think it’s related to when New Years was celebrated. Way way way back this was on March 25 and the partying lasted till March 31 so if you were still having a boogie on April 1 you were a fool!

Old Chaucer was in on the fun even if he didn’t look like much of a joker.

Of course nor do I but under my Gizzard is a giggle. We do have a striking resemblance don’t you think?

I’ve helped Ma concoct her dinosaur blend and we have come up with something very special.

It induces sleep in the most vile beasts and will be available for sale nationally soon. Who wants a sip?


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