Wagging Tail-696

I am doing a great job keeping the terrorist in check.

I find a point of elevation is of great significance.

She lies low.

When we are on an even par we keep our distance.

My Dad often acts as the mediator. He keeps us apart with treats.

I haven’t quite mastered sharing a bowl with her yet.

I eat first and then she cleans up. Useful for something I suppose after all who likes doing dishes.

Take this morning as an example.

Ma had slow roasted corned beef on Sunday. It’s a very fatty meat so she kept all the drippings as a means to tempt me to eat more kibble.

She warms the fat in the microwave and pours it over my kibbs but it solidifies so fast I leave what’s sticks together at the bottom of the bowl.

This is then topped up for Jaws who devours it in the wink of an eye but see that beef fat it really hardens just like a film so herself chases it all around the kitchen to clear it off.

You should hear the racket and all this at 7:45 in the morning. It’s like machine gun fire!

She gets it shiny though.

Doesn’t know how lucky she is that I graciously leave my scraps for her.

Blessing#1297-Gravy Train

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