Wagging Tail-699

Just after I sent out my epistle yesterday morning the sun came out.

It was cool in multiple senses so I got to go with Ma to work.

We decided that each time we had to stop we’d take a photo just to share with you. We nose you are nosy!!!

First stop a mile from home and we took a pic of the old Liberty Presbyterian Church where the blossoms are just about to bloom.

Next up the junction with Route 23 that runs from Jacksonville Florida to Mackinaw Michigan. We just went to Marion. Maybe one day we’ll just keep on going.

We stopped again at Panhandle road that made us wonder was there a connection with the most southerly point on this famous road.

It was then on to 423. We joined by taking a little road over a tiny bridge.

This took us to Marion where we got our next stop just before the Presidents house.

A final one at the junction of 95, Vine and East Church Street took us to our own little place.

It would seem Ma needs therapy as she is dressing bunnies in hats!!

Please pray for her and for me.

Blessing#1300-Red Lights

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