Wagging Tail-700

Greeting my Passionate Pitty Public. I am in no doubt that your weekend would not be the same without a word from your very own Princess.

Today I decided y’all must be in need of some tips on how to look as good as me.

You must accent your best features. Of course I have many but key to my success are my dark eyes, my shiny black hair and my cute little white toe tips that match my beautiful nashers and undergarments!

The key is to find your color.

Mine is red.

I learned this all from my Auntie Paula who uses this combo so effectively on her logo at her luxury boutique Paula’s Posh Picks.

You must accessorize effectively too.

Choose your jewels to match and complement each other.

Take my leash that Auntie Denise bought me it is a heavy chunky metal that could pass as platinum if you didn’t know it is made of reinforced steel.

This cool metallic can be draped or worn, as mine often is, as a choker.

For a more relaxed look let it drape a little and always always always dear peeps show how the features like the handle Granny grabs so hard is perfectly matched to your designer pieces.

There! I trust that was all helpful for those of you planning to head out and drink champagne and eat oysters. Oh and do make sure to get your nails done like mine French Tips are so classy!

For those of you on a more restricted budget of beer and pizza like the old Gizz forget all of the above and just stick on a baseball cap. After all the season has started for ball games!


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