Wagging Tail-703

The work I have to do in this joint is unbelievable.

Even when the mega monster’s father is off work I cannot rely on him to keep her under control. He just turns his back on her and pretends to snore.

We have had to elevate every single stuffed bunny in this blessed place out of her reach. The only ones left at ground level are wood or glass. If she eats those they may finish her off which would be the best thing that could possibly happen for all of us.

Poor Mom is going to be killed one of these days. The creep sneaks up on her in the kitchen when she is up to her elbows in dough and tries to trip her up.

It’s all part of her ploy to get at the goodies. Six times I had to chase her out of the way this morning.

She looks so innocent but trust me that is a seriously sinister spirit.

I’ve had to deal severely with her and poor Mom’s throat is sore screaming.

She has now been locked up as the bro has gone out with the mates and Ma and me need to rest after our morning of madness.

I have been promised a trip to the trails this afternoon in recognition of my diligence in handling by duties.

I so deserve it. I’m a hero!


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