Wagging Tail-704

My Mom is almost always good to her word.

As promised we hit the trails yesterday since I’d helped her so much managing Mega.

I was elated. Left my instagrams all over the place as I hadn’t been there for a while and needed to make sure other critters know this is my stomping ground.

I was gentle around the first flowers of the forest.

They are so small and I’m so huge I showed them how tender I can be.

By the time we got to the river I was feeling kinda thirsty but Ma said I’d get too mucky if I got in.

Funny that as we saw two men at different spots up to their knees in the water fishing.

One had a line the other a net. We don’t know what they were after but I’d love to have a go.

When you’re out in the wild like this it makes you think that we could have been doing this walk a thousand years ago and you’d never have known the difference.


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