Wagging Tail-705

Remember I had my haircut postponed and that it all worked out fine because it was freezing and I needed my coat? Well yesterday the time came for me to get the job done.

I didn’t fuss. You gotta take the rough with the smooth or as the case may be the curly with the cropped.

I was excessively good at the groomers. They said they’d never met a better chap. Mom agreed and as always said that I am « the best dog ever born ».

Such was my merit that I was rewarded with an Easter necktie that I promise I’ll wear again on Sunday.

Having been so good I got to have a swift trot you know where on the way home between the showers.

The niece did not recognize me. Took to fighting even when her dinner was laid out in front of her. That’s a serious cause for concern as nothing has previously been know to come between her and her kibble!

Ma thought she was going to do me in so she was transferred to the patio to chill.

She’s still at it this morning. Think she thinks I’m from another pack so she’s protecting her peeps.

I admit I do smell a little different. Some would say a great improvement a bit like that Feb breeze the bro sprays in his room to mask the stink.

I’d call it funky but soon get my butch will be back. It only takes a day or two for scent to evaporate. I should be nice and ripe by Easter!


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