Wagging Tail-707

Have you heard of people taking the « head staggers »?

It’s a common phrase in Northern Ireland and has nothing to do with drinking EtOH!!

It means you have gone off your rocker. That’s another good one you may not know that Ma uses all the time!

Equals gone crazy.

Well it’s happened to my Ma.

She took one look at my haircut and she’s like Scooby you look so young.

So off she went to the local Great Clips. By the way they do humans only and are a lot cheaper than canine groomers!!!!!!

When she came home last night I’m not sure she looked younger but she certainly had lost weight!

Almost bald she is but if it makes her happy I’ll take my cue from Dad and say it looks good. Dad learned his lesson about thirty years ago that no matter what you always say Ma’s latest « do » looks fab!

Blessing#1308-Short and Sweet.

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