Wagging Tail-708

Greetings you Passionate Pitty Peeps and a very happy Easter to y’all.

It’s my first as y’all know and I’m ready to resurrect a rumpus.

Granny has been coordinating that old stinker of a Gizz and me for holiday photos. She has definitely gone bananas!

Of course like some sort of dimwit Saint he poses for her with his bow tie on and shows his best profile.

I went for him.

Dove in straight at the neck.

I was moving fast hence the action nature of all these pics.

Grabbed the cloth from around him and ripped it off like the shroud of Turin.

I went under the table to try to nosh it but wrinkle woman got me. Nearly strangled me. Now I ask you is that the right attitude for a day such as this.

I went for my bonnet next. It has more substance that the Gizz’s stupid tie anyway!

Wrinkle got that too.

I have now been consigned to closed quarters to cogitate while they all go to sing hallelujah.

I suppose it could be worse she might have dressed us as rabbits or chickens. They’re almost as stupid as the Gizz.

I too will rise again and while they are not looking I’m going to make a bid for that stuff that’s cooling in the oven.

Be blessed beautiful believers. I will be victorious!

Blessing#1309-Cracking Up

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