Wagging Tail-725

By now you all know that Dad is my biggest fan and the major purveyor of my treats. He’s also usually smart as he hates Mega as much as me!

Last night though he made a grave error that got Ma mad as mad can be.

See she and Auntie Paula had been having their first annual Spring Fling to celebrate the anniversaries for their businesses opening.

There was a buffet supper (for heaven sake please say the new arrangements with the bookshelves look good)……

a fashion show with beautiful models and all clothes from Paula’s Posh Picks ……….

and a Derby hat contest and…..

as a finale when all this was coming to a close a thunderstorm to end all thunderstorms.

It lasted for the entire 45 minutes that Ma was driving home and was still going when she got here.

To say her nerves were a little shaky when she arrived would be accurate.

I announced her arrival and as usual I greeted her at the door that goes from the garage to the kitchen.

Dad swiftly joined me and uttered the what could have been historic last words “this poor dog needs to pee

She went ballistic.

“Do you want me dead? Can you not see that storm? Look at that $¥#%*!& lightening! I just drove through that for the past hour and now you want me to stand in it while the dog pees!”

I retreated and did some yoga.

Blessing#1326-Deep Breathing

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