Wagging Tail-724

Yesterday the bro was off work and was given the onerous responsibility of taking care of his kid. I watched from on high as they lay on the sofa. I’ll spare you the sight of that scene!

Ma was busy doing other things. She has given up her booth at the antique mall so she can focus all her attention on me and the tearoom.

Ma had moved everything out last week but her car is only big enough to hold a small shelf so her pal Karen, who is an experienced dealer and used to handling large items of furniture, stepped in with her huge red truck to move Ma’s two book cases. They are now in place serving as room dividers at the tearoom. Gives place for two more customers when things get busy. Smart move Ma! You keep up the good work and get me more snacks!

Such was the tension back at the ranch between me and Mega that it gave rise to hostilities between the bro and my Dad too.

The bro was forced to seek peace keeping solutions lest China and India declare war. He went to Walmart and resorted to buying new Nyla bones.

The theory was that I’d have one jaws would have another and there’d be one in reserve.

Forget it. The thing ate a Nyla.

She then struck her incisors into mine. I hoped it might kill her.

Regretfully she pooped perfectly just now.

Maybe the reserve will do her in.

Blessing#1325-Arms Agreements

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