Wagging Tail-728

Greeting Passionate Peeps it’s your very own Princess publishing today. This is my Lion King pose. After all my name is NALA! It’s has perfect potential for my poster campaign.

This soggy weather though is definitely not for me. The grey gizzard finds it acceptable but he is part poodle. He’s such a sycophantic old sucker!

Being a royal diva I have to find alternate indoor means to keep in shape.

I do steps. Up and down up and down the stairs.

Each time I reach my Dads bedroom door I smack it. It’s having a minor impact on the woodwork but Granny has resigned herself to replacement and Grandpa doesn’t go up there so he’s oblivious.

Once I’ve done that about ten times I get into the circuit.

This involves chasing the Gizz.

We go from dining room to kitchen to living to dining room. Occasionally we have a little wrestle to stretch and tone.

All this I highly recommend for muscle definition and maintenance of waist and abs and of course as a means to stay as perfectly Pitty pretty as me.


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