Wagging Tail-729

I trust y’all have been as good to your Mom this morning as I’ve been.

Of course I had to handle all the kissy kissy wake up duties as the bro and niece are sleeping still. The bro did the shopping though!

I gave Ma a shake and a lick early and showed her that the sun was shining

and that it was time to get up and go.

She needed extra time to get started as she had to open her cards and trim her flowers. Fortunately she held off on getting into the chocs and wine.

As always I’d sent her a card although this one I was forced to send bore a striking resemblance to jaws.

Of course, even though she’s MY MOM, the demonic presence also had to get in on the deal and send her a card too! Such a little stinker.

Did you know that today is not just Mothers Day?

It’s also

……… and


Next year if Mega is still around, which of course I sincerely hope she not, I’m making sure she’s informed in advance that she needs to send a card to Ma to celebrate that it’s also …..

If she hasn’t already been exterminated that should take care of it nicely.

Blessing#1330-Joint Celebration

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