Wagging Tail-731

Ma says that years and years and years ago there use to be a TV add about the benefits of eggs. The punch line was “Go to Work on an Egg“.

Well my loyal followers I am all set.

Ma opened the fridge this morning and pulled out my favorite treat that little yellow piece of pleasure that she saves for me from scone day.

I was in the living room but as soon as she opens the little pot she stores it in I was right into the kitchen.

She cuts it into tiny piece for me which makes me a little impatient.

I could just pop that piece of yumminess and be done but she has to toss it with my kibble to make me eat more.

Once I’ve picked through it I leave the rest for the walking dustbin.

She needs no enticement to nosh.

If she had an egg she might go into orbit.

Now maybe I should reflect on that possibility. Ovum Orbital Obnoxious Opportunity!

Blessing#1332-Fueled Up

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