Wagging Tail-730

It’s got terribly quiet at our place around 10:30.

Ma was cracking on at a fierce pace. Up early, stripped the bed, put the whites on to wash, took me and monster Miss for a two miler, came home put the whites in the drier and the colors in the washing machine, dumped the monster with the bro, grabbed me and Dad and off we went grocery shopping.

She’d just finished putting the food in the fridge and was in the garage arranging the staple store when poof the power went out.

The plan was to start baking immediately but we had no oven.

We also had no drier.

Nor did we have the television and worst of all we the oxygen machine had stopped purring too.

Fortunately the father can go without for six hours now and we have his reserve cylinders should this outage last a while.

It’s hard to understand why it happened though as the sun is back in business and there isn’t even a breeze let alone a storm.

The only thing for it is a little slumber party!!!

Sometimes I really like divine interventions.

Blessing#1331-Unscheduled Rest

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