Wagging Tail-733

The « Thing » is learning new tricks on her own now.

She has worked out that in order to go for a trot you need a leash.

So she has started to jump up on the side board and bring the control cord over to Ma.

She knows there is little use in giving it to Dad and the bro is usually sleeping when she needs out in the morning so he’s hopeless too.

So poor Ma and me get lumbered with it. We are asking that y’all speak to the Pope in the matter of our canonization!

If Ma would only allow me to take her out on my own I could make a miracle.

I’d sneak her down to State Route 315. It’s only half a mile away and then I’d let go of her collar and bingo she’d be transformed into a heavenly being.

I’m working hard on my technique. Don’t say a word to the bro.

Blessing#1334-Unleashed Potential

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