Wagging Tail-734

Yesterday was Ma and Dad’s wedding anniversary. 36 years. The bro’s card was very to the point.

It was however very much just another day.

Ma got another box of Ferrero and then had a hot date with me and the demonic and Denise at 7:45 am.

We had a little wild life safari in the lovely warm weather.

Saw lots of bunnies. Denise got a great pic of one.

We also got up close and personal with some deer in our little wood by the park. That was the extent of the excitement!

Ma then went to work and came home late and was in a bad mood because someone ( that would be the bro and niece) had knocked over laundry detergent in the garage and didn’t clean it up. “I just don’t know what you’d all do if I slipped and fell in that mess”

She softened somewhat when she found a pizza in the fridge and then ate that and the chocs Dad got her while watching a CNN documentary on the Pope. Scintillating stuff!

Well maybe not so much.


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