Wagging Tail-735

Some of you ask how I come up with my daily banter. Well it’s all down to trust. See he who made us gives us our daily message as well as our daily bread.

Take this morning.

Ma was super exhausted last night as she had her first wedding at the tearoom and had an inordinate amount of dishes to do. Add to this that she has another big do today and they’re coming early so she had to get the floors done and the tables set before she came home.

So, this morning, anticipating a repeat performance tonight, she says to me “Scooby we better rise at dawn and get those baby plants watered before I leave”

The poor things didn’t get hydration last night. They were only put in the ground on Monday and it hasn’t rained a drop since. Sure enough we were out there just after six.

We have to plod round the yard with our watering cans which doesn’t bother me a bit but it’s gets the human’s shoes covered in mown hay!

Lest she tramps it inside and incurs Dad’s wrath she has to wash them.

That’s when we got our bit of banter!

The shoes have a name!

See it! Written on the soul. Grasshoppers!

Now I ask you!

Blessing#1336- A GIVEN

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