Wagging Tail-737

Greetings my Passionate Public! It’s your very own Pitty Princess and it’s a very special day.

My first birthday.

I know y’all must be thinking “how could the world have existed without the Prettiest Pitty?” well it did.

Being a diva I thought it wasn’t too soon to issue a short autobiography.

I have evolved from a shrimp to a shining star. That was not difficult as it was always in my genes. It helped that like all wise women I got my shots and focused on wellness.

I learned early to accessorize to accentuate my allure. My preference is particularly pink. I’m considering launching a line!

I’m a great sport and have developed multiple skills and muscular tone.

My palate has become extremely refined.

In addition to kibble I have perfected the culinary arts. A recipe book is in the making.

I’m particularly fond of the unusual and exotic.

Take last night as an example when I feasted on Granny’s espadrilles and my Dad’s boxers.

They were almost equally rank but I think Dad wins.

I have weathered all the seasons.

Most of all I’ve overcome the obstacle of the obnoxious Grey Gizzard. I have him eating out of my hand.

Aren’t y’all so happy for me.

I’m not sharing a single thing with him from my birthday stash unless he wants my flowers.

They may be toxic!!!!

To be continued………..


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