Wagging Tail-738

Yesterday we had the whole family at home for the niece’s big day. The Queen is less indulged!

First off we went out partying with all our doggie friends PJ, Eddie and Walter. I must give it to her she has an extensive male following in our neighborhood. I’m not sure what they see in her as she could eat any, make that all, of them for breakfast.

When we came home we played hide and seek for a while and then she went back to slumber with the bro.

While they snuggled Ma and I baked up a storm then we had a siesta. We sampled you see as we went along. It’s hard work and highly soporific!

We took another trot in the late afternoon sun and left a few posts. Jaws ate a desiccated frog.

For dinner we had steak and asparagus from Auntie Marsha’s garden and then we broke into the nieces treats.

She gave me some, perhaps her stomach was a little upset!

Regardless, I have turned over a new leaf since she stretched this olive branch and peace reigns.


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