Wagging Tail-739

We got a very early start today all down to Jaws.

The bro bought us both big peanut butter bones yesterday and she noshed hers down in minutes and then ate half of mine too. Well there were consequences.

She threw up all over the bros bed at about four thirty this morning so he has been rattling about shouting and cleaning and doing laundry and waking good people up who need their sleep.

We had planned to get up at six as Ma has a group of ladies meeting at the tearoom at 10:30 but we didn’t need this head start.

So we lay in bed a while and thought again about Buffalo. We just can’t get this senseless act out of our mind.

Something must be done to stop a repetition.

As one newscaster put it….

We said a prayer for Mayor Brown who is leading so graciously through this terrible time.

We want to do more than pray though. That’s why we are putting pen to paper. We are facing the fact that in this country racial hatred exist and it hurts horribly.


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