Wagging Tail-748

Ma has a real penchant for snacks when she is watching TV. She has them every evening even though each morning she vows she’ll quit.

This is great because she is of an excessively generous nature and shares expect maybe the popcorn from Michigan that Auntie Paula brings which she eats all by herself.

When she is eating Jaws and I take our positions at her feet and gaze.

She always gives me first to be sure I don’t go for Mega’s throat in a fit of jealousy.

This morning cousin Krishna posted a truth that we shared. it was a timely reminder that we must stock up!

Miss Laura from around the corner also posted on a new frozen snack she is making for her fur babies to keep them quiet and occupied. Ma thought it looked good at first but then decided the demonic presence would just eat the whole thing rubber holder and all so we are back to basics.

It’s so important to have a supply of munchies available for Friday night which is usually when we have pizza. They are an essential accompaniment to the fizz and the « My Lottery Dream Home » binge watch.

See the knowledge that these are available ensures some pizza is put away and that always results in a very tasty start to a day for me. Here’s a pick I took yesterday of last weeks that had reached the glorious stage of « no human can eat this anymore»

Those of you in business circles will know this is called strategic planning I have another term for it Scout Smart!

Blessing#1349-Be Prepared

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