Wagging Tail-749

You can tell it’s been a great week at the Tearoom when your Ma jumps out of bed as soon as she wakes up at 6:30 and starts baking.

See she’d run out of scones.

So quick as a wink we had our eyes fixed on flour.

By 7:12 our second batch was in and the first was cooling.

Flour is not tasty in itself. Only Mega eats that and no doubt will clean the floor when she is released from the pit she shares with the bro but it’s what flour yields that interests me.

See first there is the teeny tiny scone Ma makes just for me to do my quality check.

More importantly there is the egg.

She scrambles it for me in the microwave and then gives me something to look forward to all day as she pops it in the fridge for my dinner tonight.

We were done by 7:26. Now onwards for our walk and then some happy dreaming.

Blessing#1350-Booming Business

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