Wagging Tail-753

Do you ever wish you were able to be somewhere but you know you can’t.

At this minute Ma has a great hankering to be in London.

There is so much excitement going on about the Queen’s Jubilee.

Millions of people are making little versions of the Monarch in her different outfits. Some must be dog lovers as more than a few corgis have been knitted too.

I’m not into needle work but believe some Pitty’s might be. They are all nuts that breed.

We’re planning a little event at the Tearoom and for this Ma was practicing making jam pennies yesterday.

They are the Queen’s favorite and she wants to get them right.

I helped her with quality control as always and then had a siesta while Ma watched the new documentary called the Unseen Queen on YouTube.

From what I saw between shut eyes those Royals really love their puppies.

No wonder her Majesty has had such a long life and still looks so beautiful and happy.

Blessing#1374-Making the Most of It

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