Wagging Tail-752

We’re sure you’re all waiting for an update on baby Memorial. Well she lay in the same spot till around noon and then decided to get up and move to the woods.

The sun was hot so she probably needed shade. We didn’t see her move but our neighbor was working in his yard and saw the action.

Her Mom was back feeding on our honeysuckle hedge close to the woods late afternoon so we believe all is well. We haven’t seen them this morning and don’t know if there was a second baby but like a good deer hound I’m keeping an eye on things.

Last night the bro was busy. He came home with a load of steak and sausages and corn on Sunday night and said we were having a big Memorial Day cookout.

Now the bro does not do things by half. There was enough to feed a small army.

He went the whole hog and marinaded the steak like a pro.

All this grilling business is very primordial.

It’s also very tasty and the bro is a good sharer.

PIT helped him without any major destruction.

You will note the mountain of outdoor footwear in these pics. They have been elevated to ensure PIT doesn’t snack on them.

It’s record salad weather today but the bro is grilling again.

I’ll take it. May attract Memorial back for a visit.

Blessing#1353-Firing Up

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