Wagging Tail-757

Greeting passionate public it’s your very own Princess PIT!

I’ve reinstated the prefix as I’m now convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that I’m of Royal blood.

The past days have been filled with celebrations at the palace and at the tearoom.

I was forced to commune with the Gizz as Granny was having her Garden Party. Here’s just some of the hats including Auntie Paula’s that’s by far the best.

Meanwhile, one of my relatives took tea with the Queen while.

Ma brought flowers and treats home.

Alas the treats were all bite sized morsels unlike that sandwich the Queen keeps in her purse!

She must have eaten it as she was sufficiently fortified to make a public appearance just now.

Granny celebrated by eating a plateful of turnips.

Man that stuff stinks.

I wouldn’t waste a wink begging for that!

Left it to the Gizz. He’s such an old lick.

I’ll stick with the Queen and the Bear and their marmalade sandwiches.

Do you think I’d get on with Corgis?


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