Wagging Tail-758

We’re a bit late on the banter because Ma has been rushing all day and got so exhausted we had to have a nap.

It lasted a little longer than planned.

The cause of the fatigue is two fold.

First, something we were thrilled to come upon, the second something as rare to uncover as gold dust.

Last evening, dinner over and a glass of wine in hand, Ma hit on the Jubilee Concert available in its entirety to watch on ABC TV. She was ecstatic.

We had a great singalong with Rod Stewart and enjoyed every moment but especially Andrea Bocelli and Celeste.

We got to bed a little late, even the Princess was read for her pit, but it was well worth it.

Today Ma had to go on the hunt for Corn Starch. Is there anything more mundane?

Well let me tell you, either everyone in Central Ohio has taken to baking or this white powder is being diverted into another more lucrative outlet than the grocery shelf.

Anyone else had trouble finding it.

Mom’s theory is that the price of oil has made biofuel interesting again and it’s being used to make jet fuel instead of for cooking.

Anyway she got some and then had to get all her baking done. Good news is we are safe on shortbread supply for a week or two.


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