Wagging Tail-759

The monsoon is back so we had to get our steps in between downpours.

I had just time to get a quick pee in first thing before the heavens opened. While we waited for the rain to end Ma got busy.

Poor Dad was ordered to sit in the middle of the bathroom so she could cut his hair.

He has no choice in these matters. When Ma commands he must obey.

That done and the beauty parlor vibe still in full swing she took to her toes.

They got gelled but when Jaws woke up she stepped on them so they are messed up and smudgy. She got scolded and I smirked. How I love it when she gets in trouble. Makes me feel so good.

We then did our trot.

We met Remington who is Mega’s key love interest. As always she tried to slobber all over his face so I had to take her in hand.

The « thing » is stupid though as she is now having a go at me.

I managed to momentarily exhaust her. She is doing her I would like a massage pose. It won’t last long!

Don’t you think she’d look good on a barbecue?

One of these days you’ll read an obituary.

Blessing#1379-Spa Day!

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