Wagging Tail-761

Yesterday was best friends day. Ma has had the same one since she was born. That’s my Auntie Carol.

I know who is definitely not mine.

Her latest claim to fame is weather forecasting.

Last night around seven she started staring out the back window.

She got a little anxious with a little yelping noise.

Almost immediately thereafter a huge siren from Mom’s phone went off. It signals tornadoes.

We turned on the news and Dave Mazza our favorite forecaster and all his team were in the studio. That always means things are serious.

Twisters we’re coming our way.

I contemplated whether I should get Ma to put Nala on the patio to be sucked up like that dog in the Wizard of Oz. Would be a great way to get rid of her. She’d land a state or two away with any luck.

After about an hour the warning was lifted for us. Missed my chance to loose her!

This morning though we found out it had struck big in Ohio hitting a major distribution center for our Meijer supermarket chain. All the big semi trucks were tossed around like toys.

Fortunately thanks to all the good work of the forecasters no one was killed. It shows though the power of these storms and how we always must listen to our best friends on TV.

Blessing #1362-Meteorologists

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