Wagging Tail-762

Being a creature of great culture and refinement I am partial to a snippet of Shakespeare now a then.

Hence it was with great irony that I was awakened from my slumbers just now by my Mater musing over the great man’s words.

Cousin Krishna who is also an aficionado of the artist sent this to us overnight.

It shocked me how many of these sayings I could apply to a certain personage who slumbers yet and who is particularly gifted at setting my teeth on edge.

Each day I fear she more closely resembles a shrew. Alas she will not be tamed and invokes in me the desire to fight fire with fire.

As Midsummer Night approaches I so wish she would vanish into thin air.

Alas that may be just a dream. The be all and end all of this is that I am in a pickle and it may take several parts before she is well and truly dead as a door nail.

Blessing#1363-The Bard

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