Wagging Tail-764

I’m getting closer and closer to getting rid of « It »

Yesterday morning she got herself into another big bit of bother.

It’s one of her summer favorites.

We went out for a walk as usual with PJ and Eddie and it was only when we left them Ma discovered the « thing » had pawed a big hole in her dress.

A nice little soft cotton number it is.

Fortunately it has a little underskirt or she’d have been walking home exposing her nickers.

See « It » has claws like Johnny Scissorhands. She uses them to shred all sorts of material. This though got her into deep trouble.

Ma has warned that any more destruction of material or matter and she’s getting no more attention. The bro will be her sole (soul?) provider.

You’d think butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. That innocent I thought it was the fashion look and was just helping you Granny. Well she’s no Donatella Ma and me have her well and truly sussed!


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