Wagging Tail-763

We are a few months away from the annual fair season but we had a practice round for the greased pig competition in our yard last night.

See Ma takes me and jaws out individually for a final performance around eight at night. She has to do it then as she has been know to fall asleep shortly after that witching hour especially if she’s had a busy day at the tearoom.

So it was that Dateline watched she rolled Jaws out first and then came back for me.

As we were going out the gate the « thing » escaped.

Flip what a circus. She was running round in circles like a mini tornado. My dream was that she run into the road and a car would come and make mash of her. No such luck. Round and round and round she went.

So I decided I better catch her and in my haste to help pulled poor Ma off her feet.

She was mortified but uninjured apart from a slight twist to the right wrist.

Back on her pins and after much further running around she managed to grab the monster who is definitely slithery and pig like.

Much scolding then ensued but it was brought to a halt by the return of the bro with snacks.

We needed them. That running around sure gives you a good appetite.

Wonder did any neighbors watch the spectacle!!!

Blessing#1364-Good Sport

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