Wagging Tail-767

I love my bro. He has saved my sanity.

See with record breaking temperatures our air conditioning packed up again. It just could not handle the pressure any longer!! Blew up or to be more accurate fizzled out like a stinky fart.

The fixer is scheduled to come this morning but there is little hope he’ll be able to repair it this time. Looks like we’ll have to install a new unit which will take time. We might have it by Christmas!!!!

All this panting I have to do to thermoregulate is tiresome and makes you so thirsty. We emptied the freezers ice capacity yesterday such was the demand for the crunchy cooling cubes.

Walks are no fun either they only make you hotter but Mega is so determined to get in her steps she’s walking herself.

The bro and Mega have moved to the basement which may explain why she still has some energy but I have to take care of the aged Ps so I’m baking on the first floor with them.

I believe Ma is secretly getting her steps in elsewhere. That Tearoom AC is working just fine!!!!

Anyway not to worry the bro has stepped in. He’s caused an out of stock situation at Walmart by buying a slew of industrial scale fans.

They are gigantic and sound like helicopters taking off but they are most effective.

I am extremely grateful. Never again will I say a bad word about him. His daughter? Well that’s a different story!


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