Wagging Tail-768

Greetings my passionate public it is your very own PITS publishing today from the heat haze we call home!

I’m using the abbreviated terminology as Princesses can’t be anything other than cool and today I’m definitely hot.

The Grey Gizz is too worn out to even think let alone compose although the need to keep his gob open does give him a happier than normal allure.

He has also become extremely stinky in this climatic challenge. That coat is just odoriferously overwhelming. Worse than Granny’s feet! Do not plan to visit us until we have scheduled Stanley Steamer.

He has given up the fight and I snagged the slipper but we are competing on a different front now. Tongue length.

Young and gracious as I am let me tell you I have him beaten.

Not only have I the biggest and widest smile in the canine kingdom I also possess the longest and loveliest lingua.

Thanks to this buccal bounty I also can stay cooler than most even when faced with the fiercest foe.

Triumphant is the only word for it!

Blessing#1369-Surface Area

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