Wagging Tail-771

There is no doubt I am an outstanding beauty. Many have asked me to share my tips. My devoted public are particular intrigued by my ability to remain svelte while eating like a horse.

I am THE living breathing French PITTY paradox.

Part of my Perfection lies in my genes. I have been blessed with muscularity. Genes are no excuse though for being ugly. You still got to work on being a beauty.

Exercise is essential. Build up whatever muscle you have with plenty of interval training. If you haven’t got one find a personal trainer to beat you up. The Gizz is mine. Have them chase you round in circles for at least an hour each day.

Cardio and build up complete work on the steps. For this you may need companionship to keep you motivated. Granny is good. She can’t chase me round in circles like the Gizz but she can walk to the park and back or round Cardinal Hill.

Talk as you go and do a bit of wildlife and plant spotting. If that gets boring play Dancing Queen and other such disco music to make you skip.

If you can do this multiple times daily it will help a lot but ultimately you must manage your intake as well as your output.

Regular well balanced meals are essential but if you must snack choose wisely. Eat wood or grass if you can as it passes straight though. If that doesn’t appeal and you still have a desire to chew think of things that take time.

This morning as an example I pulled down some dried banquette from the counter. When it gets real hard it is a bit like wood.

Always have salad as it’s like eating grass only humans usually put sauce on it.

Finally, fill your gut with fluid ideally water in any form. Go slow on the sugar but a little now and then is OK.

Voilà! Easy peasy lemon squeezey!

Should you have questions please post and I’ll get back to you as your very only Pitty Personal Perfectionist!


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