Wagging Tail-770

What else dear reader can I do today than pay tribute to my Dad.

I love him beyond measure because he is my major purveyor of treats.

A devotee of the Oreo and Custard Cream cookie he generously shares the same with me each morning. He also keeps me pieces from his dinner plate each evening and chops them into tiny pieces to delight my palate.

He is also a person of great intellectual capacity that I have inherited by osmosis. He never tires of filling his mind with new knowledge hence the book that is eternally attached to his arm.

On occasions when the bro returns with unexpected gifts such as a tiny black worm he is gracious if somewhat gobsmacked.

He has a full room of clothes bearing labels such as Dior and Balmain yet he is often dressed by Walmart.

His favorite grey vestment has to be occasionally prized from his body by my Ma to be refreshed.

Please note dear reader the frequency with which he has been photographed in this garb if you do not believe me.

On occasion though he does dress up and looks quite fine setting an example for the bro.

We are all delighted to report that after a rocky road this year he has been completely freed from the oxygen tube for the past two weeks.

We love you Dad and hope you enjoy the pancakes we’re going to make you for brunch because Ma has declared your getting no more books!


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