Wagging Tail-777

The Entente Cordiale has been suspended.

Once more I am officially at war with The PIT.

She has started scraping the basement door as soon as Ma and me arise from our chamber.

The bro no doubt is still snoring below so Ma let’s her out of the dungeon she shares with him in fear she many have an urgency that results in our asphyxiation and a massive cleanup. It’s potential worse that a nuke her poop.

That in itself is not the cause for the return of hostilities it’s what happens next.

Instead of a leisurely graze through my fruhstuck I am forced to gulp down every morsel while she stands poised like the panzer division beside me ready to pounce on my bowl. Should I turn away for a second she’s into it.

Thus freed from overnight digestion and replete with food that should have been all mine she starts.

Round and round and round in circles she goes taunting me terribly.

I am getting too old for this.

A new strategy is needed to bring this enemy under control.

I may need to retreat for a day or two to draw up plans but I have a major force on my side.

Dad has pulled out the history books and we’ve set up the map room in the office with the glass door.


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