Wagging Tail-779

Greetings Passionate Public. Bet that woke you up.

I don’t usually publish midweek but the Grey Gizzard is feeling very imperious and won’t engage in combat right now so I’ve nothing better to do than write.

Yesterday Granny was off all day so after our big walk she did a crockpot clean it all up cooking session. She takes all the veggies that are looking tired and chops them into small bits and slowly cooks them for hours with minced meat. It’s really fun because I get the ends of carrots and celery all to myself because the Gizz doesn’t eat those. He’s such a fussy old fellow.

When she was clearing out the onion bin I found a box of balls hidden beside it. She let me have one and it kept me amused for about an hour even though it was meant to be indestructible I managed to shred it.

We then had our lunch and went to her chamber for a nice nap. The Gizz hates it when I enter his territory. He eventually succumbs to slumbers. You should have seen him sprawled out snoring he looked so stupid. I could have taken him out in a second but of course being a compassionate critter I did not.

Refreshed we returned to do more cooking and eating.

My philosophy on that is make the most of every moment.

I’ve really learned a lot from my Granny. She’s so good. We gals gotta stick together in this man cave.


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